The Sulte Law Firm
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Suite 301
Tampa, Florida 33602
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Criminal Defense - Traffic Defense
Family Law - Personal Injury
The Firm
The Sulte Law Firm is a Tampa Bay firm active in criminal and traffic
defense as well as family law and personal injury cases.
Criminal Defense
Personal Injury
Since its inception, the Sulte Law Firm has provided quality legal defenses in criminal cases.
In January, 2006 the firm expanded to offer legal representation to its clients in new areas
of the law, including family law and personal injury.
The Sulte Law Firm has established a reputation of providing top-notch criminal defense at
a flat rate.  The Sulte Law Firm offers up-front, established prices in criminal defense cases.
These prices cover all attorney's fees, from start to finish.  Please review ou
r fee schedule
for specific pricing.  Or call (813) 223-4363 to make an appointment for a free consultation.
Please contact the firm directly at (813) 223-4363 to discuss your case and set an
appointment for a free consultation.
Family Law
"With liberty and
justice for all..."
The Sulte Law Firm handles uncontested and contested divorce cases.  Family law cases are
handled on a hourly fee.  Please call (813) 223-4363 for more information or to set
up an
initial consultation.
Traffic Defense
The Sulte Law Firm handles the defense of traffic infractions for a flat fee, as stated in the
fee schedule.